3 nights in Lido de Venezia (Northern Italy trip 4/4)

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This is the 4th part of a series of post related to our trip in Italy. Part 3 is here.

Lido de Venezia is a long sandbar which is part of Venice. It only has around 10k residence so there are enough space for tourists.

Our main target for this trip is to enjoy the beach at Lido and a day to roam around Venice center so the hotel we booked is in Lido.

Day 1 – The road to Venice (or should I say no road to Venice)

From Verona, it’s an hour and a half drive to Venice. Around 115km away by road and around 5km by ferry.

Since Venice itself does not allow cars, we have an option to park our car and take a bus to the ferry then take a boat ride to Lido.

For us, since we booked a hotel at Lido with free parking, we needed to take a ferry across Venice to Lido with the car. The Lido ferry is located at Ferry 17 and it cost us 47 euro to transport us.

Note: price varies depending on car type

It takes us around 20mins to reach Lido. See below picture of what it looks like.

From the terminal at Lido, it’s only a few minutes to reach the hotel.

The hotel

The hotel we stayed in is not our first choice but it’s the only one with available rooms for a family of 4. It is a bit old but is maintained quite ok. The room we got was clean and has a big balcony.

The breakfast at the hotel is not the best. They serve the same type of dishes. But the seafood dinner we had on our first night was awesome.

The beach

The public beach is just in front of the hotel. So after checking in, we went to see it.

If I would compare it to PH beaches, I would say it is similar to the beaches in Batangas. Brown sands (with some seashells) and a not so clear water.

They have split the beach into stations. Station 8 is the most crowded as I guess it’s because it’s the nearest to the passenger ferry terminal.

Some stations are private maintained by the hotels so only hotel guests are allowed.

Below is a picture of station 8. It has around 200m of sand before the water.

Day 2 – A day at Venice

For our second day, we decided to roam around Venice. We targeted 17 places to visit but only achieved 9 places due to crowded accesses and having 2 kids who easily got tired. (One slept)

To move around Venice, it is recommend to have a day pass for boats. Depending on your trip, you could get several day passes. For us, we got only the day pass for family (1 adult, 1 kid) for 30 euros and an adult day pass for 20 euros. Tickets can be bought in the terminal itself.

These boat passes could help you quickly move from one tourist spot to the other.

See our Facebook album of Venice

Day 3 – lazy day

Our third day, we did some beach activities and roam around the island.

The island is around 11km long with almost a whole stretch of beach so there is plenty of space for everyone.

Below is a picture of the beach at 9am.

Alternative plan

Some of the tourist there stayed in Venice and just took a boat to the beach for the day and goes back in the afternoon.

Island food

For food, there are a lot of restaurants in the main road towards the ferry terminal. The prices are as expected a bit on the high side.

There are also small stalls that sells breads and pizza along the beach. Small bars are all around selling drinks which was quite nice specially for a hot day.

Day 4 – the departure

Our day 4 became a surprise long drive for us as I made a mistake on planning it and some unexpected traffic along the way.

We (or at least I) expects to arrive to our last leg G├╝nzburg around lunch but to my surprise, it took us 8hrs and arrived 6pm at the hotel. We missed a whole afternoon planned for Legoland for the kids.

Tip: try to book the return ferry early as the interval is 50mins for the next ferry

Watch out for my summary post of our trip in Northern Italy

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