Drive from Nürnberg to Milan (Northern Italy trip 1/4)

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We don’t really plan our vacations in details but we do try to make a simple pattern by covering areas that we like to go. We started with towns near/besides Nürnberg like Fürth, Erlangen, Schwabach then we went further south to Günzberg, Stuttgart and Munich. Now we want international to the northern parts of Italy like Milan, Verona and Venice. And a bonus for the kids, Legoland (again) in Günzburg before heading back to Nürnberg. This whole trip will take us 9 days.

Road to Milan

From Nürnberg, Milan is around 600km away. Since we want to spend more time in Milan, we decided to drive the whole way without overnight stay in between.

Here is a map courtesy of Google.

There are several ways to get there. The one via Zurich will pass through the Alps. The road we took (highlighted) passes Austria then Switzerland and finally Italy.

We chose this path as it is the fastest and allows us to pass through a portion of the Alps.

We started early to escape the traffic congestion in A6 as there is some construction there.

There are a lot of gas stations with restaurants along the way so we did not worry about natural breaks for the kids. 🙂

The road across Germany and parts of Austria was mainly plain long highways. But when we reach the mountain ranges, the view was quite nice.

Unfortunately i missed to bring my camera so I only have my phone to take pictures.

Since we made plenty of stops we lost time and had no choice but to take lunch on one of the stops at Bellinzona Switzerland.

As expected, the price here is quite high. A small lasagna cost us around 16 CHF (around 14 euros).

Did you know that not all countries in EU uses euro? Switzerland is one of them.

A couple of hours more we reach our destination Milan. You will notice that you reach Italy once they ask you to pay for the toll. 🙂 It cost us around 2.80 euro for the portion up to Milan.

The hotel we stayed at is a bit out of the city center because mainly on the parking cost. Inside the city, specially near the tourist spots, it cost around 3 euro per hour.

That’s it for this post, here is a link to what we did in Milan for 3 nights.


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