Overnight Stay At Verona (Northern Italy trip 3/4)

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This is the 3rd part of a series of post related to our trip in Italy. Part 2 is here.

Here at Verona, we only have 1 target which is the Gardaland Theme Park for the kids. We plan to spend the entire afternoon till night there and the next day, drive to our next destination.

How to get there

From our location in Milan, it’s only 150km away. It only took us a couple of hours with around 20 euro toll fee.

Ticket Cost

Actually we got our one day ticket pass for free because we purchased an annual premium Legoland pass which cost 95 euros each. If you purchase a day pass at Gardaland, it cost around 36 euros each via online. If we do the math, the annual pass pays off on the 3rd visit.

For kids which are below 100cm, they are free but there are a lot of restricted rides under that height.

What we liked most in Gardaland Theme Park

There are a few attractions that our family liked the most.

Peppa Pig Land – don’t know how my youngest son knew about Peppa but when he saw, he recognized it immediately. This is a new attraction for this year. There are rides and play area for the kids. My sons really enjoyed the balloon and train rides. More details are here.

Transgardaland Express – this long train ride is for all ages and it goes around the theme park. Here we could see all other rides that we might want to try. This is actually one of the first rides I recommend to take. 😀

Gardaland on Broadway – they perform twice a day. Make sure to check the schedule here. This is mainly for the parents but surprisingly our kids enjoyed it as well.

What we did not liked

We did not have enough time to roam around the entire park but we did notice that the toilets (WC) are limited and due to this, queues are quite long even for men. Hope they could improve on that.

My personal take

Make sure to bring lots of water/drink. It’s quite expensive there for a small bottle of water.

For a rainy day (same as what we had), bring jackets and enjoy the shorter queues as most are taking cover from the rain. 😅

Overnight Hotel

The hotel we chose was just a 3min drive from Gardaland. It’s a small hotel but provides breakfast. The hotel is quite clean and smells good. 😀 Details of the hotel are here.

Alternative places to visit in Verona

If you are not for theme parks, there are alternative places to visit in Verona. Please take note that we did not personally go there but was told it was good.

  • Verona Arena
  • Juliet’s (of Romeo and Juliet) House
  • Piazza Bra
  • Next Day

  • After a long tiring day at the park. We set off early for our 2hr drive to Venice.
  • Watch out for our next post!
  • Enjoy!

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