Adjusting to Germany – Quick Starter

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On this post, I would like to share some points that will help you adjust quickly in Germany from a Filipino’s point of view.

Below are the some of things I experience firsthand:
  1. Daytime temperatures are between -10c to 35c.  Most houses does not have air conditioning but rather heating via gas or electric. These means a weather news or forecast is your friend. Check daily and prepare for it.
  2. Trash. Germany does segregate trash. There are several grouping that you must be aware of like plastic, paper, bio, glass, metal, etc.  I have an entire post related to trash.
  3. Electricity. 230v 50hz
  4. Electric socket. Type C/E/F. Those are the 2 round ones unlike in the PH, it have 2 flat ones.
  5. Tap water. When we say tap water, it is the water directly from the faucet. And it is safe to drink directly from it. But there is some confusion here when we say ordinary tap water. It is translated as Leitungswasser which also means plumbing water.
  6. Transportation is quite easy. Train, buses and trams everywhere. In most cities, the ticketing machine has different languages including English. I have discussed this more in details on this post.
  7. Cars. Driving on the right side same as in the Philippines.
  8. Decimal Separator. In Germany, the decimal separator is “,” and the thousand separator is “.”. e.g.  when writing ten thousand two hundred fifty and twenty five cents (10,250.25) it is written here as 10.250,25
  9. Building floors. First floor start on the second floor. confused? me too… Basically the floor above the ground level is 1st floor then the floor above that is 2nd and so on.
  10. P2p. Using peer to peer or downloading/uploading copyrighted movies or songs are strictly prohibited and is punishable by law. As long as you are only streaming it, it is ok.
  11. Internet. DSL is pretty decent here but need to check your house if it’s already using Fiber or even cable. Prepaid is quite expensive. There are several big names to choose from.
  12. We are closed on Sundays. Most stores/shops/restaurants (specially in my city) are closed on Sundays. So make sure you do all your shoppings and groceries before Sundays. But there are some exceptions, Most main stations (Hauptbahnhof), have several stores open.
  13. Keyboard. Besides the special characters in the German language, the positions of letters Y and Z are switched.
adjust quickly in Germany from a Filipino’s point of view – plug

Have I missed out anything? Please share.

Adjust quickly in Germany from a Filipino’s point of view.

On our next post, we will discuss how to move around using public transport.

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