Renewing PH passport

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Renewing our Philippine passport in Germany is easier than it sounds or at least thats what happened to me….

First is to find the nearest embassy you. For me, I have 2 options now; the one in Frankfurt or the Berlin main office.  There are a lot of options to get there, let me share some of them here:

  • By train – you could take a night train from where you are and reach Berlin in the morning. Ticket is available here.
  • By carpooling – either if you have a car to share cost or ride with someone going there and meet new people in the process. Here is one famous app.
  • Finally by car

Before going there, make sure to check their website to see if they are on holiday.  Remember that the embassy observes not only German holidays but also Philippines. There are no appointments needed.  You just go there and bring all the necessary requirements.

Regarding the requirements, check here for the list.  The requirements are quite basic except that you need to bring along a self-addressed return envelop with stamp.  Later on, I will explain the purpose of this.

When you reach the office, It takes 5 steps to get your new passport. It may take you a few hours till a whole day. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Submission of all the required documents at the only counter there.
  2. After submission, you have to wait for your name to be called and make payments.
  3. Queue for the biometrics and photo capture. Here you will be asked to confirm if all the information are correct. Make sure it is. After this you are done in the Embassy and you can go home or go for sight seeing around the city.
  4. After 2 month or so, you will receive an SMS saying that your passport is ready. You don’t need to go back to Berlin to pick it up. You need to mail to the Embassy your old passport.
  5. After sending your old passport, in a few days, you will receive the self-addressed return envelope you submitted to them. Inside you will find both your old (with punched pages) and your new one.

When I went there last February 2017, visa validity is 5yrs.  From august 17, this year, visa validity was increased to 10yrs. Fro minors, they only give 5yrs.

When you have time in Berlin, there are several points of interest you might be interested. Here some of them.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I did a check today and it seems like my info on the validity is outdated. I have updated it. Since august 17, they are issuing 10 yrs. thanks

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