Renting or buying a car in Germany

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There are a lot of factors before I arrived to the question whether to go for renting or buying a car in Germany for traveling/vacation.

Europe has a lot of beautiful places to visit. Most (if not all) are accessible via road or plane from Nürnberg. It is almost impossible not to travel around.

Before asking this question

Before asking yourself whether to go for renting or buying a car in Germany, you need to check your situation.

For single/couple living here, depending on the destination and frequency of your travel, you might opt for just taking the public transport and/or just rent a car for those destinations.

For a family, specially with kids, it would be best to either go for renting or buying a car in Germany.

On top of that, my day job is just a few train stations away and a big mall is just around the corner so the need for a car for me is mainly on traveling/vacation.

Why don’t we consider taking the public transport?

There are only 2 considerations for me, why for a family it would be better to go for renting or buying a car in Germany instead of taking the public transport.

First is convenience. For a weekend trip for example, my kids stuff alone is already a huge bag. Moving my family from train to train is quite tough and top it up with kids roaming around and trying to keep them in line would already be enough for me to go for renting or buying a car.

Second is cost. Regional train cost is quite high. Comparing it to rented car cost or maintenance cost of owning one.

Renting a car

Renting a car is quite straightforward. You just need to choose a car, select how long you need it and there you go.

I’ll share more tips on renting a car on another post.

In summary, a rented compact car would only cost as low as 35euro per day excluding gas.

Buying a car

If you go for buying a car, it branches out to either buy a new one or a second hand one. This i guess heavily relies on your budget.

For me, i do have budget restrictions so I would go for a second hand car.

I’ll share my experience on buying a car on another post.

After owning a car, there are several maintenance cost you need to budget, mainly as follows:

  • Yearly Taxes (kfz-steuer) – this is mainly depends on the CO2 emission of the car.
  • Yearly Insurance – same as in PH, there is TPL (Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung) and Comprehensive (Vollkasko). In addition there is something in between which is like a partial coverage (Teilkasko)
  • Every 2 year inspection (hauptuntersuchung)
  • And of course the car maintenance.
  • In summary

  • It is mainly dependent on your situation. But for me, I plan to go traveling around Europe every 2/3 months so it’s ideal for me to buy.
  • Enjoy!

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