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Taxation is quite complex in Germany. And filling for a tax return is equally complex. For those who cannot understand German, like me, it is almost impossible. Normally, people go for tax consultants but there are growing number that uses online or stand alone applications to file taxes.

For this sharing, we will focus on an online app specifically the SteuerGo. I tried several online apps but most failed due to 2 points; No English text and no English help. SteuerGo has it and a lot more.

There are several things you need to prepare before you could start:

  • Tax number – normally you have one applied by your employer. If by any case, you don’t have one, SteuerGo could get one for you.
  • Lohnsteuerbescheinigung – This one is normally received from your employer around mid-December till early January
  • Your bank account details – this is where the refund will be transferred.

Once you started the app, it is quite straightforward. It guides you step by step to fill in the forms. One good thing about the app is that on the top, it provides an estimated refund which is quite good and encourages you to keep on filling in the form.

At the end of it all, there are 2 ways to submit it:

  • Full digital – you would need to get some credentials from Elster and register you laptop to be authorise to transmit your forms.
  • Semi-digital – you will submit a digital copy and you would also need to print out a copy, sign and snail mail it to your finanzamt.

As an added bonus, for the following year, if you wish to use the same app (SteuerGo), they have an option to copy all records from previous years to current year. This is quite good and convenient.

Have a try! SteuerGo.

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