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In this short post, I would like to share about dishwashers. πŸ™‚

As I grew up, the only way to clean the dishes is by hand. I was not aware of any alternative. With a big family who loves to eat and normally takes snacks or two in between meals, dishwashing could be a daunting task. If we skip one cleaning, it would take us ages to finish the next one.

It was maybe around my college years I came to hear about dishwashers. Since the internet is not that accessible that time, I thought it’s a myth or a hoax. A machine that cleans dishes. It must be a joke or something.

Years past and I started working abroad and still have not seen it. I have been to several countries in Asia, and still the same. Only when I step into Japan I saw it with my own eyes. It really does exists. It cleans dishes. We orderly put dirty dishes and after a couple of hours, it comes out clean and dry. But still it was not convincing enough for me to buy one at home.

Now in Germany, I decided to have one so that I will have more time with my kids when we are all at home. Β There are a lot of brands/models to choose from. With varying prices. In the end, I end up with a familiar brand; Bosch.

The model I got (and also other models), requires 3 consumables besides water; Salt which is filled every couple of months, dishwashing detergent and a dishwasher soap (or Powerball). The brand I bought has some free soaps from finish. It was quite good so I kept using it.

Here is where you put it
Salts goes here Detergent/Soap goes here
There are 2 things you have to make sure of.
Make sure the blades could freely move and not hit any dishes Regularly clean the filters

As I said, this post is short. πŸ™‚


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